Victor Pakhomkin Artist
About Me

1956    Born in St. Petersburg, Russia
1974    Graduated from Ioganson Art College
1982    Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture) the Studio of E. Moiseenko
1985    Member of the Russian Artists' Union


1987    "Schrechen und Shoffnung" "Fear and Hope" Russian/German art exhibition at Hamburger Kunsthalle,  Munchner Stadt Museum, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
1989    Jillian Jason Gallery, London
1990    Russian Art Auction, Phillips, London
1990    Tetra Pak Art Society, Lund, Sweden
1992    Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA
1993    Adams Bank/Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC
1994    Smoyer Gallery, Roanoke, VA
1996    ARTSITES '96 Biennial of Contemporary Art, Rockville, MD
1996    Hodson Gallery, Frederick, MD
2003    "Vivat St. Petersburg"- Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
2010    "Victory Day" - The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2009-   Solo Shows - Winter Palace Studio, Washington, DC
2018     Two Men Shows with Natasha Mokina - Winter Palace Studio, Washington, DC 


Phone: (301) 263 0000


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